The Ecological Recovery Service, or ERS, is a Terragens institution which focuses on repairing environmental damage done to Earthclan's colony worlds by their former tenants.[1]

Organization Edit

The ERS consists of bureaucrats, scientists, and a large number of field workers, with branches located on every Earthclan colony world. ERS professionals are well-paid and held in high regard in Terragens society; many high-ranking Terragens officials served in the ERS. Non-professionals consist of students, Probationers, drifters, and Workfare recipients, who receive only meager pay but are eligible for other benefits.[1] Field workers and scientists on planets such as Garth may be organized into teams for certain projects,[2] and may perform their duties at ecological management stations.[3] ERS workers are also considered part of Earthclan's military reserves.[1]

Duties Edit

Duties performed by ERS workers include planting trees, cleaning up old landfills and strip mines, and managing the relocation of existing wildlife,[1] as well as the introduction of Earth species which may benefit the planetary ecosystem.[4]

Behind the scenes Edit

In GURPS Uplift, ERS is said to stand for Ecology Reconstruction Service.[1] It is also once referred to as the Economic Reconstruction Service, which is assumed to be a typo.[5]

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