GURPS Uplift

GURPS Uplift, second edition

GURPS Uplift is an RPG worldbook for the GURPS system based on David Brin's Uplift Universe, written by Stefan Jones and published by Steve Jackson Games. The original worldbook was published in 1990; a second edition, updated to include characters, locations, and other elements of the Uplift Storm trilogy, was published in 2003.

Author Involvement Edit

David Brin wrote the foreword for GURPS Uplift, and the system of alien personality generation was based on algorithms Brin himself created. Notably, the second edition of GURPS Uplift includes excerpts from Brin's own notes for Jijo Ascendant, a story-in-progress which continues the saga of the Commons of Jijo and its war with the Jophur.[1]

References Edit

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