The main Galactic Institutions are

  • Institution of Civilized Warfare - Sets down rules governing all conflicts. Formed 2.1 BYA.
  • Institute of the Library - Most powerful of institutes since it bridges all galactic cultures through historical records of technology, wars, uplifts, planets, etc. The flag of the Library, with a rayed spiral sigil, is the flag of truce. Modern version formed 1.4 BYA. The Central Library is located on Tanith.
  • Institute of Progress - small unimportant society that endeavors to carry out a mandate of the Progenitors to respect Newness.
  • Institute of Migration - Stodgy and environmentally fanatic organization enforcing Galactic Laws of Residence and Migration.
  • Institute of Navigation - Headquartered on Oakka.
  • Institute of Tradition
  • Institute of Uplift - Regulates uplift. Formed 1.4 BYA
  • Institute for Recovery of Honor?
  • Institute for Foresight. Regulates machine reproduction. Created 2.7 BYA
  • Institute for Coexistence. Regulates contact between other orders of life. Created 1.2 BYA.