Hacker Torrey was a twenty-first century Human who inherited a good deal of wealth from his family. Once a litigious playboy, Torrey found a new calling in life following a near-fatal rocketeering accident, when he was rescued by a tribe of genetically-modified dolphins who were the result of a shuttered genetic engineering endeavor called Project Uplift. Torrey's experiences with the dolphins convinced him to re-purpose his considerable fortune towards resuming the uplift effort, paving the way for future development of Neo-Chimpanzees and Neo-Dolphins.[1]

Behind the scenes Edit

The short story "Life in the Extreme," of which Hacker Torrey was the central character, was originally published in Popular Science Magazine Special Edition in August 1998, and served as a prequel to the Uplift saga. It was later incorporated into David Brin's 2012 novel Existence, as "Aficionado." In the novel, the character's name was changed to Hacker Sander.[2]

References Edit

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