The Jophur are one of the most feared clans in galactic society. 


(see Traeki)

Physically, they are a stack of living rings, each specialized to serve a purpose. The master ring controls the other rings with electric shocks, and the rest of the universe with ruthless ambition.


The bizarre biology of the Traeki caused most patrons to overlook them, but the Poa recognized their potential and attempted to uplift them. The Poa were disappointed by the languid attitude of the Traeki clients, eventually seeking outside help to create a strong confident spacefacing race. The Oallie were consulted as masters of genetic engineering. The Oailie created many new useful rings, including 'master rings', shiny black rings (often described as 'silvery'). These master rings transformed the Traeki: they had a strong sense of self-identity, they called themselves Jophur, and they turned against their Poa patons.[2]


The Jophur uplifted the Phasheni and the Dorrvi. The Dorrvi have since uplifted the Voam-Voam.

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