Karrank% (% pronounced as a double glottal stop) (ab-Nr~klat-ab-*Yrstk*-ab-Sien) are a species uplifted by the Nr~klat. The Nr~klat went too far in their uplift of the Karrank%, eventually driving them insane.

Before uplift they were mole type creatures living on a metal rich world. They possessed great ability in digging and had a carbon-oxy metabolism. Their patrons changed this metabolism to extract energy from radioactive compounds. When this abuse was discovered by the Institute of Uplift, they were freed from indenture. They tried living as starfarers but eventually decided to retire to Kithrup, which was leased to them indefinitely 400 million years ago. Instead of dying out. the Karrank% have adapted to a unique lifecycle by living under the surface of Kithrup, extracting nutrients from magma. Metal mounds with drill trees found along tectonic plates of Kithrup are the Karrank%'s larval stage, which eventually fall into the planets crust and mature into adults. They are powerful at psi communication and wish to be left alone.