Most of EarthClan speaks Anglic. Galactics have several specialized languages:[1]

  • Gal One - Purely mathematical and similar to Morse code. Slowest.
  • Gal Two - Bridging language.
  • Gal Three - Squeaks and honks. Favored by the Gubru.
  • Gal Four - Sonar based.
  • Gal Five - Grunts and growls. Used by the T'4Lek.
  • Gal Six - Hisses. Synthians and Thennians.[2]
  • Gal Seven - Tone language. Tymbrimi.
  • Gal Eight - Hoots and honks. Jophur and Rosh.
  • Gal Nine - Chiming, syncopated. Kanten, Linten, Siqul, Brothers of the Night.
  • Gal Ten - Fluting, sonar-like. Brothers of the Night.
  • Gal Eleven - Bridging language. Cautious, redundant. Used between different Orders.
  • Gal Twelve - Throaty, used by the Soro. 2 billion years old.

EarthClan languagesEdit

  • Anglic - A derivative of English. Some dialects have adopted many words from Galactic Seven, Two, and Ten. Unlike Galactic languages, Anglic allow the use of metaphors. Rossic and Nihanic are other Earth languages.
  • Primal Delphin - semi-language spoken by natural unmodified dolphins on Earth. Considered rude if spoken by uplifted Dolphins.
  • Trinary - A whistling, chirping, clicking language spoken by Humans, Dolphins and Kanten. Used by fins for relaxation, imagery, and personal matters. Used in Dolphin poetry.


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