A list of planets featured in the Uplift Universe series of novels by David Brin.

  • Atlast a recovery world given to humans. The name may indicate that it was the first such.
  • Calafia A water-world inhabited by humans and neo-dolphins, currently occupied by the Soro. The name may refer to Califia, a mythical Black Amazon.
  • Cathrhennlin A Tymbrimi University World.
  • Deemi A world leased to humans on the condition that they run the Galactic prison. It is bathed in ultraviolet radiation. Most of its biosphere is aquatic.
  • Garth The main setting of the novel The Uplift War, which depicts its invasion by the Gubru. The planet was leased to EarthClan after its ecology was devastated by the Bururalli species, and is inhabited by humans and neo-chimpanzees. Its star is called Gimelhai, and its main city is Port Helenia.
  • Horst A disaster world, assigned to Humanity less than 6 generations before the Streaker crisis, and populated by primitivists.
  • Jijo The main setting of the novels Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, and Heaven's Reach. It is a planet orbiting a carbon star in Galaxy 4, illegally inhabited by refugees from eight species: humans, Hoon, g'Kek, Urs, Traeki, Glavers, Qheuen, and Tytlal. It is also used as a refuge by the EarthClan starship Streaker.
  • Jophekka The homeworld of the Jophur, sapient and ambitious sap ring stacks.
  • Juthtath A Tymbrimi world.
  • Kazzkark Minor planet, where an important base of the Navigation Institute gathers data from E-Space.
  • Kithrup The main setting of the novel Startide Rising, where the EarthClan starship Streaker takes refuge from its many pursuers. It is a metal-rich, watery world orbiting the star Kthsemenee. It is inhabited by the pre-sapient Kiqui, and serves as the recuperation home for the psionic Karrank%.
  • NuDawn A pre-Contact colony (whose name may be a pun with Aurora - New Dawn) where an incident with Hoon inspectors brought Jophur to massacre the human colonists.
  • Oakka A "green-green" world, where the air is difficult to breathe. There was a Library branch there, but they were corrupted and tried to capture Streaker.
  • Omnivarium A world inhabited by birds that mimic any sound, a fact discovered when the birds started mimicking the sounds of explorers performing coitus.
  • Tanith The location of the nearest full Galactic Library branch near Terra.
  • Urchachka A very dry planet, homeland of the Urs.
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