The Probationer system is a system set in place by the Uplift Board to regulate continued uplift of EarthClan client races, generally the chims.


A colour coded system of cards granting reproductive rights.

  • White - No restrictions (mels) Minimum restrictions (fems)
  • Blue - Less severe genetic counseling required
  • Green - very extensive genetic counseling required
  • Yellow -
  • Grey - Mandatory sterilization after puberty
  • Red - No reproduction permitted, nor contact with children. Often for failed experiments.


Yellow / Gray carders are openly resentful of White/Green/Blue carders, leading to some tension.


  • Gailet Jones - White
  • Fiben Bolger - Blue, upgraded to White
  • Irongrip Hansen - Red
  • Micheala Noddings - Green
  • Igor Patterson - White, famous drummer
  • Sylvie - Yellow, upgraded to Green
  • Sichi - Blue, Son of Sylvie
  • Throop Family - Green