Tanith is the third planet of the star Tweevi[1] in Galaxy Two, located in its namesake Tanith Sector.[2]

Library Edit

Tanith is home to a District Branch of the Great Galactic Library, one of approximately two hundred such branches across the Five Galaxies, and as such is visited by members of hundreds of sapient species annually. Its location at the junction of three important transfer point lines makes Tanith ideally suited to handle these large volumes of visitors.

Navigation Edit

Tanith is located in its own namesake sector, in close proximity to the Ehbu'chi'u Sector, which includes Human and Tymbrimi space. Three long-distance transfer point lines create a nexus at the Tweevi system, and the Perseid Dendrite Access and Galaxy Two Fringe/Secondary transfer points are located only two transfers away.[1]

Ecosystem Edit

Tanith is an Earthlike world, but the planet suffers from a lack of biodiversity which resulted from the replacement of its native flora and fauna with alien organisms by its last legal tenants, the Phoolchu, and has been left in its damaged state by the Galactics as an object lesson in responsible ecomanagement. A single species of tree dominates most of Tanith's landmass, while carpets of mineral-harvesting algae similarly dominate the oceans. Animal life on land is limited to only a few species, while sea life is only somewhat more varied. The exception to this rule is a series of once-barren valleys surrounding the Library complex, which have been seeded with lifeforms from the homeworlds of many Library Institute personnel, including those of the Pila, Thennanin, Jophur, Linten, Lesh, Pargi, and Tymbrimi. [3]

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