The original/primitive form of the Jophur.

Rings and StacksEdit

Traeki are a unique intelligence comprised of several rings (think truck tire sized) stacked up to biped height. Each ring seems to have its' own personality and skills, but are lacking in memory and cognitive power as individuals. A Traeki is a stack of rings that has agreed to become an individual and adopts a name for the convenience of other races. This identity can be broken at any time by an internal disagreement, but this becomes less likely with time unless a major event occurs. Rings can live in the wilds of a swamp or skilled breeders can cultivate rings with special skills. Less common is the practice of vlen-budding[1], where one stack grows a new smaller short-stack inside itself. The benefits of vlenning is the ability to impart skills/memories/instructions to the new stack. But this is dangerous to a Traeki, resulting in a change of personality, often a separation into its component rings, and sometimes it's even fatal.

Common rings include legs, arms, a perception ring to see and hear, and a ring of cognition that can do mental work such as carry on conversations with other races in real time. Specialty rings can do things such as create chemicals and inflate like a float bladder. The core of a Traeki is a waxy cylinder that serves as the memory for all the rings, although memories take several hours to cool before they can be read.

References Edit

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